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Qualifications for Home Health Care:



  • Be under the care of a physician


  • Require the professional supervision of a Registered Nurse, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapist, etc.

  • Be homebound due to injury or illness



    Who Pays for Home Health Services?



  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Private Insurance

  • Private Pay



    Who is Eligible for the Home Health Care Benefit?
        For those under Medicare, home health care candidates must meet the following:


  • Have Medicare Part A or B.

  • Be homebound. Patients leaving the home that requires a considerable and taxing effort.

  • Require skilled nursing services or skilled therapy services. Patients who qualify is based on their needs for skilled nursing. The patients must either require it fewer than seven days a week (even as minimal as once every 60 to 90 days) or need daily (seven days a week) skilled services for a predetermined period of time.

  • Get services from a Medicare certified home health agency (HHA).

  • Get a doctor's plan of care.

  • As long as patients meet these eligibility requirements, they may continue to receive home health benefits. Home health care need not be rehabilitative or of finite duration. Patients with chronic or terminal conditions, without specific diagnoses, or without recent hospital discharges can still qualify if they need skilled care. For example, a person with multiple sclerosis who requires skilled maintenance therapy indefinitely can make continuous use of the Medicare home health benefit.



    How To Obtain the Medicare Home Health Benefit:



  • Patients must be certified by their physicians to meet the eligibility coverage requirements. The patient's doctor must design a plan of care stating the nature, frequency and duration of care that is needed to be provided by Concord Home Health Services, LLC.


  • Concord Home Health Services, LLC. (a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency) must then approve the plan of care. The plan of care can only cover 60 days of care, but the physicians can design another plan at the end of the 60 days for a extension of the home health coverage if the patients still meets the eligibility requirements.


  • If the patient is hospitalized, speak to the hospital social worker or discharge planner. Ask one of them to arrange Concord Home Health Services,LLC to come and evaluate the patient during the hospitalization and for the care of the patient after the hospitalization discharge. 

  • If the patient is at home, have his or her physician contact the Concord Home Health Services,LLC directly. The physician will then define the nature, frequency and duration of the services that is required. The physician should also forward a letter to the Concord Home Health Services, including the plan of care. Then Concord Home Health Services,LLC will send a nurse to assess the patient.

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